nexus: noun / ˈnek-səs / (1) a connected group or series — a nexus of theories, a nexus of relationships (2) a connection, a link — the nexus between private and public



n.e.x.x.x.u.s. is an artistic movement that aims to fight ignorance and hate through cultural production.

n.e.x.x.x.u.s. is the intersection of different cultures, domains, and disciplines, which stream together toward a single point to allow both established and obscure concepts to clash and combine

n.e.x.x.x.u.s., as its own artistic movement, aims to embrace and encourage cultural activism by advocating artworks that clarify prevailing social and political trends.



n.e.x.x.x.u.s. believes art is a powerful cultural engine that embodies the spirit of the times. n.e.x.x.x.u.s. is inspired by vanguard moments such as Dada, De Stijl, Futurism, Constructivism — movements that treat visual art as a tool for transcending geo-political boundaries.

n.e.x.x.x.u.s. aims to facilitate the physical and psychological expression of ideas that challenge the prevailing status-quo. n.e.x.x.x.u.s. aims to become a platform where these ideas are allowed to thrive uninhibited.

n.e.x.x.x.u.s. promotes the creation of artworks that bestow a philosophy of life, a unique vision of reality, a new way of thinking about human nature.



n.e.x.x.x.u.s. invites us all to:

Engage in cultural activism

Participate in meaningful social commentary

Offer new and applicable perspectives on the human condition


We — artists — are cultural visionaries.